A New Day

Had another dream about walking.  Synchronicity–both dreams and the nurse parking my wheelchair outside the examining room yesterday may be an indication I’m turning to a new and better page in my life.  I’m excited about the prospect of walking again, of reclaiming the life I lost when I made the bad decision of staying in the wheelchair three years ago.  Of course I’ve been telling myself I have no other choice.  And it’s true, sometimes I couldn’t get around if I didn’t use it.  But there are so many times when all I need is a walker, maybe eventually walking without help of any kind.  That would be so wonderful!

Baby steps.  Patience.  Belief in myself.  Starting today.  I’m rummaging through my bookshelves to find May Sarton journals for inspiration.  I think I have every one she wrote.  I admire her tenacity, her ability to keep going no matter how bad she felt.  I can relate especially to the ones she wrote in her later years.


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