Small Steps are Better than None

Saw my cardiologist today.  When the nurse wheeled me in she left the wheelchair outside the examining room, asked me if I could walk to the chair inside.  I did!  What a boost that gave me!  But after she left, and while I was waiting for the doctor, I felt stuck without it.  The door was closed and I was claustrophobic in the small room.   The loss of my crutch on wheels made me very uneasy.  But I got through it without having a panic attack.

The rest of the day, when the dogs wanted to go out, instead of using my wheelchair, I walked from my recliner in the sun room to the door (7 steps there, 7 steps back).  How ridiculous that must seem to anyone who may read this, but it’s a small beginning for me after three years of fear keeping me down.   I am hopeful for the future.


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