My poor eyes are blurry and inflamed from overuse.  Spent most of the day reading and computering.  A book I ordered from the Amazon marketplace arrived in today’s mail, Peg Bracken’s “On Getting Old for the First Time.”   Peg Bracken was my cooking heroine back when my children were still at home.  I have all her cookbooks,including the first, “I Hate to Cook Book.”  She’s hilarious, and her recipes are quick and easy.  For instance, her recipe for pot roast includes a roast and a package of onion soup mix.  She calls it ‘swipe steak.’  She puts the roast in aluminum foil, covers it with the onion soup mix, wraps and bakes it in a pan in a 350 degree oven.  It always turns out tender and tasty.  Of course I don’t eat roast now, but there are many recipes that are still some of my favorites. like rice with walnuts.  Her book on aging is just as funny as her cookbooks.

I’ve also been trying to make another page for poetry on word press.  I spent a few frustrating hours and finally posted one poem but don’t know how to connect that page with this one.  I’m so computer illiterate!

Well, enough of that.  The skies opened up this morning; rain refreshed all the sun dried green.  My tomato plants look great!  It’s still gray overhead,  A cool wind announces a front.  In the 70’s today.

I’m watching “The Voice.”  K is studying in his room.  The cats are off somewhere, probably getting into mischief.  The dogs are sleeping together on their big bed.  Betsy was groomed today and she’s tired.  I’ll watch “The Voice” until 9:00, do a little reading and then turn in myself.  I have an appointment to have a root canal done tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Relaxing

    1. Hi, If you’re going to try the roast recipe, you need to know: 2-3 lb pot roast. Bake it at 300 degrees for 3 hours or 200 degrees for 9 hours, “it really doesn’t matter.” An hour before it’s done, you can open it up & put in carrots, potatoes, et if you like. Thanks for thinking of me & my root canal. Not looking forward to it. Mary

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