Looking Up

Another bright and pleasant day.  Sister Elizabeth came this morning with communion.  We visited a while and I sent her off with 5 lbs of potatoes.  It seems I ordered two 5 lb sacks when I thought I was ordering just two russet potatoes!  K and I will be having a lot of potatoes in the coming days.  Lucky we both like them.

It’s nice to have someone to talk with.  Even small talk breaks the monotony, though I’m really not fond of small talk.  Sister told me about her upcoming vacation and we shared root canal stories and problems finding a good housekeeper.

Betsy immediately greeted Sister & Muffy inched up behind her (she’s shy).   They both ended up on my lap, where they often nap.

After Sister left I ate the spaghetti I ordered last evening, but it was hard to just chew on one side, as I was instructed.  A strange feeling–all the enjoyment on just half of my mouth.

K came into the sun room about 1:30.  I thought he was just getting up, but he hadn’t been to bed yet.  He’s doing a lot of studying and taking tests; his semester is coming to a close.   Later this month he’s going to take a short trip of about 5-6 days before next semester starts.  I’m a little anxious about being alone because of the episodes that come without warning.    I’m trying to decide on one of those Life Line deals.  There are so many!  I don’t know which one to choose.   I’d better get going on it though.   Not too much time left and I have to have a phone line installed to plug into.   I stopped the land phone last December when I got married and moved to K.C.  My husband died six months later of pancreatic cancer and I came back home.  I just never got another land phone because I use my iphone all the time.

Feeling strong today; walked with my walker for about 5 minutes and my BP stayed within normal limits.  I’m really encouraged.  I’ll go out later and water my tomato plants.  They’re wilting in the sun and it’ll be another opportunity to walk.

I’ve been watching some baby grackles pecking at the ground.  Momma and Poppa must be somewhere close, probably up in the sweet gum tree which is near the babies.  I do love watching the birds.  I want to get some of the black sunflower seeds out that I ordered from amazon.   And I’ll ask K to fill the birdbath after his tests are over.  I don’t know what they’re getting out there but the ground must be offering  plenty of food because I have many visitors every day.  Their songs are music for my soul.

I’m filled with gratitude for all the blessings this day has brought.


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