Tomorrow’s Another Day

The dogs woke me early wanting to go out.  I stumbled from my recliner, where I’ve been sleeping in thee sun room with them since Muffy joined our family.  (I’ll talk about that another time) into the wheelchair, rolled several feet and opened the door.  I don’t dare walk from the recliner to the door that early, especially when I haven’t wakened naturally.   K & the cats came in for a few minutes- our morning get-together before K goes to bed- only today he stayed up until after lunch.  We don’t usually eat together.  He stays up all night, sleeps much of the day.

Since today is Mother’s Day, I decided I would order our meal and K picked it up.  I got pasta from Zio’s and K ordered a meatball sub.  Vegetables on the side.  And dessert!

Before lunch I had one of those episodes with the BP going high, with nausea, dizziness, just generally feeling weird.  The tips of several fingers of my right hand are numb, especially the middle one.  It’s been a little numb before today, but not THIS numb.   My BP is still higher than it is on a good day.  Quite a letdown from the encouraging week I just had.

It’s hard NOT to talk about ailments when they’re so much a part of my life and my thoughts.

C called to wish me a happy Mother’s Day and K made a greeting and brought it to me.  I appreciated that because K doesn’t like forced greetings or gift giving.  C was getting ready to go out and work in their yard.  He said they are having a pleasant day in Connecticut.   Got a card from D.  Ken brought it in today (yesterday’s mail).  And S called me yesterday because she is with her mom today.  This kind of attention kind of makes me uneasy and I’m glad when it’ over, though it does feel good to be remembered.

It’s 3:00 PM.  Everyone sleeps.  Everyone but me, that is.  Family Feud is on the Game channel on TV. Maybe I’ll watch it for a while.  Wish I had a good book to read.  Shelves and shelves of unread books and I can’t find anything that appeals to me.   I think I’m being too hard to please.




5 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Another Day

  1. What books do you love? I hate to think of you there with all those unread books and nothing to read, even though I know what you mean. If you haven’t read Just Kids by Patti Smith, I highly recommend it. Joan Didion. Dave Eggers. This Blog:
    If I lived by you I’d come and take you for a stroll. I guess I could do that for someone here, right?
    Oh life.

    1. How sweet of you! And I’d love that stroll too. I thought I’d answered your post but I don’t see it. I appreciate your concern and your kind words. I love a good memoir or a good book of poetry. I’m rereading my favorites now.

  2. Hello oldsunbird, I am deeply moved by your blog, by your strong spirit, your excellent writing, and by the trials of your BP issues and the numb hands that ensue. I adore what the previous commenter, Jolene, wrote. Because I too would love to visit if I lived closer, but indeed we will have to visit here. With great respect, Gina

      1. That is so nice of you to say! Thank you. If I can add some cheer to your day and help lift up your spirits – that is everything to me.

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