Morning Low

Another bummer of a morning.  Woke at 3:30 AM with BP high and climbing.  Took an extra 1/2 Lopressor but it didn’t do much good.  Four hours later, took a whole tablet.  Still didn’t stop the high readings.  Thing is, it’s not just the BP but the symptoms that go with it; dizziness, blurry eyes, ear ringing, nausea, numb finger tips, hot face & chest, sore head, neck, shoulders.  It’s not normal and I know something’s wrong but my EKG and X-Ray apparently are okay so no one will listen.  I called the cardiologist this morning and was told to lie down for a few hours & if my BP doesn’t lower to go see my internist or Urgent Care.

When BP was lower, I made some calls that Kathy, yesterday, gave me some numbers for.  The internist isn’t taking new patients so I’m back to square one with  that.  Waiting for return calls from the house cleaners and handy person, also from Life Alert.   Hope I get a bulls eye on some of them.

I’ll be grateful if the rest of the day is better than the morning.


5 thoughts on “Morning Low

    1. I feel your healing energy. And I’ve ordered your favorite meditation book. I look forward to reading and benefiting from it. Thank you for your soulful words.

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