A Surprise

A rough morning but a better afternoon.  Felt weak & fragile early on, better this afternoon but never really completely regained my strength–what strength I have.

Spent the morning in my recliner in the sun room.  A lot of looking out the wall of windows I had installed so I could watch the animals and the seasons.  A nice way for me to relax and feel connected to the outside world.  Squirrels, rabbits, many species of birds, and my dogs when they go out.  I love watching them all.  They are an inspiration to me; They teach me lessons on how to live.  I love the sun too.  If I’m depressed and then the sun comes out, my mood changes drastically.  It’s amazing how fast that happens.   I’ve written many a poem looking out those windows.

Karen, my sweet niece, surprised me with a call around noon.  She’s in town and wanted to come by and see me before she took her mother to a doctor’s appointment.  Liz, my sister-in-law, had by-pass surgery a few weeks ago and has had a few complications.  Karen, being an M.D. likes to talk to the doctors so that she understands completely what her mother is facing.  Because of her concern for her mother, she has decided she’ll leave her job in Arizona and move back here to be near Liz.  She’s looking at a hospital here in Springfield and is back for her second interview.

I hope she does move back.  For Liz’s sake, but also for my own selfish reasons.   She and I have a special bond and I feel so good in her energy.

So what I’m most grateful for today is Karen, my sweet niece and my joy.


4 thoughts on “A Surprise

  1. Your niece sounds like a very lovely person!
    The sun can do us a lot of good. I notice it has a profound influence on my mood too.
    I wish you a lot of visits from your niece in the future, and that her mother will be well again very soon!
    God bless you!

  2. Like you, I have a dear and responsive, thoughtful niece. Aren’t we blessed? Her mom (my sis) had surgery last week to remove a cancerous tumor in her colon. It’s a comfort to share the concern with a niece who has some medical understanding, isn’t it? I hope your sis-in-law has a full recovery and you have many years of delightful times with her and her daughter… your lovely niece. Bless you for sharing!

    1. Amazing! About how similar our experiences are. I hope your sister is doing well. My sister-in-law says she is coming along, though she has had a few complications, probably not unusual for five by-passes. Thank you for reading my blog and for responding in such a kind and loving way.
      Bless you and your generous heart.

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