Miss Muffet

The rat terrier I rescued from the humane society was so scared and such a bundle of nerves, I HAD to name her Miss Muffet–Muffie for short.  I went there to look at a poodle.  The poodle was young, feisty and friendly.  Beautiful too!  But then I saw this poor little shivering rat terrier curled up in a ball and my heart went out to her.  I wanted to take her home and love her into a happy face.   She was malnourished, her ribs quite visible.  She had only six teeth, two bottom front which parked on the outside of her mouth.  And she had visible cataracts.  She shook and shivered and wouldn’t make eye contact all the way home.

When I put her in her bed, she stayed there immobile except to eat; and she ate as if the food would disappear before she got a chance to finish it.  But she wouldn’t drink water, which worried me because all creatures need water to survive.  I know that food contains some water, but certainly not enough.   I had her seen by a vet.  I wanted to know if she was dehydrated.  Well, maybe she was, a little, but not enough for an infusion.  So I started adding water to her canned dog food and she began to look better than a dog who had given up and was on her last legs.  But the fear and the shaking persisted, and her lack of desire to know anything that was going on around her.  When people came to the house and walked by her, she lay still, eyes closed, head tucked under.  She never made a sound.    As far as she was concerned, the little nest she made for herself with her body was the only safe place.  After the first time I took her out to pee, she knew what to do and never had an accident in the house.  The only times she got up or opened her eyes were to go out or to eat.

The problem with letting her out, if I tried to get her to come back in, she’d run.  Being in a wheelchair, I had a hard time going after her.  Sometimes she’d go to the far end of the yard, lie down facing the fence and make a nest there for herself.  I’d finally have to ask my son to go out and get her.

This behavior continued for weeks.  I just knew she was going to die if I didn’t do something.  I decided to get another dog in the hopes that she might respond to a canine companion better than to a human.  She’d obviously been terribly mistreated by a two legged.

After Betsy, a toy poodle, arrived, Muffie gradually began to come to life, until today it’s hard to believe she’s the same scared little thing I brought home two months ago.  She’s gained weight, drinks water, still has a great appetite, runs in the grass, has made friends with not only Betsy, but with the two cats, has shown us she knows how to bark (wow! can SHE bark!).  She and Betsy are competitive about my lap.  When one jumps up, the other follows.  They all get along beautifully, even nap together sometimes.   Muffie likes to be petted and goes in and out of the house without fear.

She still has cataracts of course and I believe they’re a little worse but we’re keeping an eye on them.  Betsy has had hip surgery for hip dysplasia but she gets around just fine.  They’re both old ladies like me.  Muffie is 7 and Betsy is 10.  We can sympathize with one another.  I’m so grateful for my beautiful companions!


12 thoughts on “Miss Muffet

    1. Thank you for your response to my post, milenasgentlerain. I love the ‘gentle rain’ in your name. It’s soothing and restful, just as I imagine you to be.

  1. Oh how our pets light up our lives don’t they? As always, I really enjoyed your writing here. I can just picture Miss Muffet ‘making a nest’ and not coming back in! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hello dear oldsunbird! Because I enjoy your writing and want others to learn about your honest sharing, I have nominated your for The Beautiful Blogger Award. If you want to join in the fun feel free to check the details here, or of course just for more information: http://professionsforpeace.com/2012/05/19/awards-help-teach-do-what-you-love/
    Your writing touches my heart and I want others to know about this powerful blog. That’s why I’ve included you on my list of nominees. But as always, I believe very strongly for anyone to only participate in the steps if it is still fun. You deserve this award regardless of what you do from here. Warm hugs, Gina

  3. Dear sweet Gina, thank you so much for nominating my blog for such an admirable award. I’m truly overwhelmed and immensely honored, not just by the nomination, but also by your lovely sentiments about my blog. I’d love to participate, but first I must learn how to paste the image and link to your page. If I fail to figure it out on my own, my son may be able to help me before he leaves on vacation. You are so very kind, and thank you again for your beautiful words.
    Hugs to you, Mary

    1. I would be delighted to help show you some easy steps and tips. If you send me an email through my ‘Contact’ page, then we could email back and forth. Or of course your son can likely figure it out as well. All the best to you Mary, today and always. Hugs, Gina

      1. Gina, how sweet you are to offer to help me with the things I need to learn. I think Ken is going to help me. If it turns out that isn’t the case, I’ll call on you. Thank you again for the nomination. I am so honored. Mary

    1. Nicole, I DO understand. I recently lost two old companions, two months apart, and had to make the difficult decision to let them go. You made a decision a loving parent would make. Enjoy your precious boy for as long as you can. Bless you both and Hugs to you.

  4. Hello, sweet SunBird! I am grateful to GinaV for giving you the Beautiful Blogger Award because through its posting, I became familiar with your writing and enjoyed your dear Miss Muffet story. I can see that you and I are kindred spirits. I, too, have a four-legged furry friend who adds joy to my life. Bless you for taking in a second one in order to make the first one happier! You are a “Sweet SunBird” – and as GinaV said when she nominated you, you are a “young writer and poet who shares with such courage and honesty” that your readers are caught in your generous spirit – and inspired to reach out also to help others leave the comfort of their self-made cocoons, and venture into other laps. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to future stories from you!

    1. Hello dear Jan, yes I do believe we are kindred spirits. We’ve had quite a few similar experiences. I’m grateful to have met you through Gina. Thank you for reading my blogs and for your generous responses. I’ve visited your blog and am enjoying your stories. I was quite touched by your thoughts on reaching out and have already followed your suggestion to do so. Thank you again for sharing your kind and loving heart.

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