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An Honor, and a Message

First, I want to thank lovely Gina for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger award.  I am overwhelmed and honored by such a generous invitation.  My son was good enough to paste the image onto my site but I am still working on doing the rest of what needs to be done.  The image looks naked there by itself and I hope you, Gina, and my readers will forgive me for not having it all together, but I hope to have the rest up soon.   I accepted Ken’s help when he could give it and that’s why it isn’t all together.  You’re a kind and beautiful soul, Gina.

I got a call from my doctor’s office this morning with the news that my Vitamin D level is quite low.  Normal is 30 to 74 nanograms and mine is 21.  He prescribed 2000 IU once a day.  Being deficient in Vitamin D can cause heart and blood pressure problems and be quite dangerous.

I wonder if at least some of my physical problems are related to this deficiency.  I’m a little scared about how low the reading is, but hopeful that the vitamin capsule will put me on the road to health again.

I sat on the deck in the sun this afternoon for 10 minutes and enjoyed watching the birds and my dogs.  The sun was warm, the breeze cool, and I was so happy to be outside.  I plan to make this a daily ritual.  And I’m hoping for the best.


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10 thoughts on “An Honor, and a Message

  1. Hi there, this is my first visit to your blog from a link on Professions for P.E.A.C.E. Nice to read about your happy moments. I wish you good health! 🙂

  2. Congratulations with your award! =)
    Just today I went to the doctor to get my blood checked for any deficiencies, because I’ve been feeling without energy lately. I pray that the vitamin treatment will do you wonders! Stay well!

    • Thank you so much for your congratulations and your prayers for my health. I hope the outcome of your doctor’s visit will mean more energy for you! Take care of yourself and be well.

  3. This is a lovely post Mary! It is honestly my pleasure to help introduce your blog to more readers. I am delighted that you sat out in the sunshine, enjoying the birds and your sweet four-leggeds ‘kids’. You are in my prayers, and I am certain the Vitamin D will be just the ticket for you.
    With love, Gina

  4. Im deficient in Vitamin D too, its a common hazard here in the Northeast with our lovely cold winters and rainy springs and falls. I had no idea about it being dangerous though so I guess i will have to start adding that pill to my regimen….I don’t drink milk the way I used to thats for sure. Glad to see you are getting out and enjoying the sun. Its surely a beautiful world when we have and take the time to really see it. Love and Hugs! Donna

    • Yes, Donna, supplements would no doubt help a great deal. How low are your readings? When your doctor told you you were low in Vit. D, what did he tell you to do about it? My doctor said I should take 2000IU a day because of my reading plus I get very little sun. Depending on how low your level is, it can indeed be dangerous. But I think you should get a doctor’s opinion on how much you should take.

      • I need to take one pill like 1000 IUs I think. I have the correct dose for whatever the doctor said so I’m definitely following orders. Hope you are doing well this evening Mary. I was thinking about you while I was out in my flower bed this afternoon enjoying some of that sunshine. Hugs! Donna

  5. Thank you for your good wishes, Donna. That flower bed and sunshine sounds good for the soul. ! hope you had a very pleasant time.

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