"I have been more outrageous and more alone and more courageous than the world has known. Passerby, my heart is like your own."

Hello World!

Sat on the deck again today taking pleasure in the sights and sounds & enjoying the rhythms of spring.  So good to be outside, feeling connected to the earth.  Betsy found a shady spot near my wheelchair and Muffy relaxed in the sunshine.   All worries set aside.  The joy of belonging!  I must do this every possible day.  What inertia, what fear holds me back?  Such a simple, natural thing to do but extraordinary for me.  I feel the keys turning and the door to my self-made prison slowly opening.


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2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. How beautiful! ‘The are keys turning’… love that. And ‘enjoying the rhythms of spring’. I find myself puttering in the garden when nothing more needs to be done, so I sit on the bench and realize, this is all I need. To be present and soak up the glory of God’s gift of nature. Thank you for this lovely post.

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