"I have been more outrageous and more alone and more courageous than the world has known. Passerby, my heart is like your own."

Exhausting Day

This morning I saw Dr T about my numb fingers.  Every one of them are numb, some worse than others, and a few hurt.  It appears I have carpal tunnel syndrome and need to change how I use my computer.  And I have some exercises to do. The numbness interferes with my typing, cooking, dressing, just about everything.  If I’m slow or my posts are short for a while, I hope you’ll forgive me.

This afternoon someone from Life Line came and installed a box.  He explained how to use the button and how it works.  So now I’m covered when Ken isn’t home.

I’m usually good for only one extra activity a day.  More than that taxes me and I feel pretty exhausted by the end of the day.  So it HAS been a busy day and I’m tired but just want to stay in touch.  I’ve not been here very long and already it feels like home.  I’ve never experienced such warmth and friendliness in one place as I have here.  I’m stunned by the number of beautiful people!  When I signed up for Word Press, I just wanted a place to journal.  I expected I’d have some readers but I didn’t know there would be this level of communication.  I’m so grateful!


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3 thoughts on “Exhausting Day

  1. Hang in there Mary! Sending you lots of love, and shall include you in my healing meditation tonight xx

  2. Debbie on said:

    When life is challenged, we hide in fear, deny in paralysis or fight with courage. When life is challenged, we are entangled with complexities, we are immobile with hopelessness or we are sharpened in our sensitivities to the simple and the genuine.

    I am sorry to read of your challenges but I am encouraged to see your strength and your desire to push on. Thank you for following Shadows.

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