Beautiful Blogger Award Nominations

Beautiful Blogger Award

Warm and loving thanks to Gina from Professions for P.E.A.C.E. for doing me the great honor of nominating this blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Your blog “Resting in Awareness ~ Musings on Life, Love and Peace” is a place where one can find inspiration and healing. Your posts are uplifting, written in awareness, beauty and love. Folks, you must visit this site. here. You’ll be pleased.

The nominated recipients are asked to:

~Thank and Link-back to your nominator here ;

~Nominate 6 other blogs, more or less, that you enjoy to receive this award as well;

~Post a comment on each of your nominees blogs with a link to your page for the details;

~Paste the Award image somewhere on your blog, if so desired;

Please visit these nominees whose blogs are filled with beautiful thoughts and images and will add something of value to your lives:

My nominees:

Far End of the Road
These fantastic poems  were a lucky find for me. I look forward to reading more of your work! The poems are short and succinct, some light in tone but with an important message.

Shadows of Love
This is an amazing blog celebrating beauty and love and everything sacred. So much here for the soul. Truly extraordinary.

You are an amazing, creative, talented writer. I especially think your haiku is brilliant, but I love them all.

Radiance Poetry
Betty, your elegant poems are truly radiant, as are you. What a feast of reading!

If you don’t wish to participate, that’s okay. And if you’ve already been nominated for this blog, I apologize. I searched and couldn’t find the image on your pages, so I felt free to proceed with the nominations. Just know that I love your blogs and will continue to go to them for spiritual nourishment. And I hope others also will experience the pleasure of your creations. Blessings.


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