Some Thoughts on My 85th Birthday

I’ve shrunk with age; parts of me have fallen, and wrinkled and changed in other ways; but my mind, heart and soul are ageless.

I’m unable to go very far without a walker or wheelchair.

It’s no longer safe for me to drive.

I have to break up tasks with periods of rest.

As my friends and family pass away, I’m becoming more and more isolated.

I have medical problems that will never be cured.

I’m forgetful.

I am no longer desirable.

I’m lonely, sorrowful, regretful for past thoughts and deeds.

But I own my own home.

I feed and dress myself every day.

I prepare healthy, tasty meals.

I have a library of books I’m reading through.

Nature is always there.

And music.

I can still learn

and love

and embrace the beauty of the world.

I have friends I visit with on the phone.

I can stop expecting a better me,

a richer life,

the sun always shining.

I can be in each moment

in gratitude,

accept my life as it is,

forgive myself and others.

I have much to be grateful for.

The amazing thing is–

Joy!  I’m here!


14 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on My 85th Birthday

  1. This is probably the first comment I’ve ever made on WordPress, and I am glad that it is to tell you Happy Birthday! Wishing you a great day!

  2. Best wishes on your 85th birthday! And thank you for subscribing to my blog – I have subscribed to yours as well.
    You inspire me, that you’re still writing so actively. From reading your “about”, we have much in common – writing poetry and journals, your love of nature and our animal friends (tame and wild).
    Happy Birthday to you!! 🙂

      1. Mary, I just went back to find this first “meeting” here on WP. I honestly didn’t know it was YOU (since I didn’t see your name) until last night! But I was drawn to you immediately, so my subconscious must’ve known. I’m so glad you’re here, dear friend!!
        (I haven’t been very active on WP this summer due to a bad back-pain flare up which limits time on the computer. So glad you commented on my poem yesterday, which led me here once again – this time to find out it’s you. I’ve added you to my blogroll and will start checking your blog more regularly!)

      2. Betty, I’m so sorry about your back. I’d hoped that problem was gone. I guess it never goes away

        Betty, I’m so sorry about your back. I can imagine how it must feel. Once in a while my back spasms and it hurts so much! I know yours is a chronic problem and I guess you never know when it will hit you. I’d hoped it had left you by now. I was so glad to find you here too! Every now and then I run across the pictures Forrest and I took when we visited you and they bring back pleasant memories. You and Hal are my oldest friends from the internet.

  3. Now I wish I had checked in yesterday but I hope it suffices to wish you a happy belated birthday OSB. ‘Joy; You’re here!’ to have reached and celebrated another milestone on your path.
    Tho you’ve listed some negative things I see among the sum total a list very much based in reality… which is a good thing in and of itself. You mention independence, forgivness, empathy, compassion and gratitude – I hope I encompass those sorts of qualities should I attain your age.
    I also hope to be reading a post just like this one next July 17th… be well. You continue to connect with and have an impact on people. Cheers!

    1. Norm, I’m just now finding comments I wish I’d found earlier. Please accept my belated thanks for your heartfelt message and the picture, though I couldn’t find your site. I’d love to see the picture. I’ll try again. You have a good heart. Thank you again, so much.

      1. Hello again Mary; no problem. If you’d care to see the picture just click on my name. I haven’t posted recently so it’ll take you right to the picture I posted for you. Hope you like it. 🙂
        I celebrated my 58th b’day a week or so ago so I have some catching up to do in order to catch you.

  4. Happy 85th Birthday Mary, even if it is a bit belated 🙂 What a wonderful piece of writing. I appreciate your honesty immensely, and this again makes me wish I lived closer for how I would love to come visit you. And I would find you beautiful, so bright is the shining light of your strong spirit! With warm and gentle hugs to you as you enter a new year with joy, Gina

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