Better Days are Coming

Soon sweet Audrey will be on her way from Daisy Hill Poodles to my home. She’ll be 5 Monday. Younger than the ones I’ve lost. She’s gorgeous! And from what the breeder says–a very sweet girl. Hopefully, she’ll arrive next Friday. And then life will be good again. I still miss the little ones I’ve lost, and always will, but I also miss having a canine companion. And I’m ready now to welcome one into my home and into my heart. I pray I have what it takes to keep her well and happy for a long time. She’ll be my reason for getting up in the morning. I’m grateful to Linda for entrusting me with another of her sweet babies.


9 thoughts on “Better Days are Coming

  1. Thank you! I can’t wait to see her face to face. I’m getting ready for her now. I read about your beautiful lab mix. What a sweetheart! What an awesome creature!

  2. It’s always exciting to welcome a new furry baby to the family. We have Asher’s cat who was 6 months old when he died. She has kept us entertained and given us something to love on when we are missing him particularly badly. We are blessed to add her to our menagerie.

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