It’s All Good

Jenny Penny has been with us for two weeks now and she’s feeling at home.  She’s stopped using the deck for a toilet; runs down the ramp and dances in the grass, as if to say, “Hello grass!  I’ve missed you!”  And she goes alone while I wait at the door.  When she’s finished her job, she runs to the door, tail up, and jumps up  onto me, expecting lavish praise, which, of course, she gets.  When she’s excited, she spins and jumps and can hardly contain her joy.  She’s my constant companion; follows me wherever I go. When I’m seated, she stays close by my side, or in my lap.  She’s generous with kisses.  What more could I want?  I love this little sweetheart.  She’s my angel, my savior.  Life is good again.

10 thoughts on “It’s All Good

  1. This is so sweet, it brought tears of joy to my eyes. What a wonderful, loving companion – you two sound perfect for each other. You’re right – who could ever ask for anything more?

  2. I’m glad that Jenny Penny has brought more joy into your home. I just finished writing a song that is a tribute to the bond between dogs and people in general, as well as between my dog Duke and me. I plan to post it on my blog when it has been produced, probably within the next few days.


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