Where is Jenny?

She had her first grooming since her move to Missouri.  I hired a woman who drives a mobile unit and does the transformation in the driveway.   This week, she had to park in front of the house as there were other vehicles in the drive.

Jenny was at the door in a hour, looking like a little skinned rat!  My sweet girl has been hiding under a huge fur ball and now she’s clipped almost bare.  The top knot too short and her ear hair cut in half!  Her beautiful, long, lovely ears!  I wish I knew how to transfer photos from my iphone to wordpress, but, sigh, I haven’t learned that yet.  I hope the top knot and ears will grow out again.

She’s still sweet and lovable and my best friend.  She follows me everywhere I go.  This minute, as I type these words, she’s snuggled up against me, sleeping.

It’s 7:00 P.M.  Ken’s been gone since 3:00.  I keep the TV on to drown out the silence.  I have such a hard time being alone.  I loved it when I worked three jobs and had family coming and going.  Then, time alone was rare and precious.  Now, I have entirely too much of it.  The warmth of my loyal companion is relaxing and soothing.  I’m so grateful she’s in my life.


10 thoughts on “Where is Jenny?

  1. My poodle had a similar transformation today! He’s not quite to the skinned rat stage, but looks totally different. He tells me that he likes being able to see better, though, and is glad that we clipped him before he got matted, as that feels awful. Maybe Jenny would like a t-shirt so she doesn’t feel so naked? Our dog likes that sometimes when the clip is really short. Good luck!

  2. Hello Mary, I was directed to your blog by a friend who, when he described your life to me, had such emotions and admiration in his eyes. And, he was right! I am totally captivated by your candour, your strength, and your wonderful writing. If nothing else, you can count on me to be your online companion. Vera

    1. Vera, You are a sweetheart! I’m so glad you visited my blog and I will certainly be visiting yours often. I love the idea of your being my online companion. You are very kind.

    1. Vera,

      I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. I’m a bit overwhelmed with 40 plus comments to answer and trying to post as well. Also, my health has been a bit off.

      Thank you for nominating me for the Liebster award. I am so honored that you thought of me. I would love to put the emblem on my page if I can figure out how to do it. My son put the last one on for me and he’s quite busy right now. Also, I need to to find other recipients and learn how to connect to them from my page. I’m afraid I’m still learning how to do the basics.

      I just need a little time to learn how to do these things.

      Thank you again. It was so sweet of you to think of me.


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