Guardian Angels

During WW II, when I was in my teens and searching for love, I met a soldier at the USO, after dancing with several others, who seemed like a perfect gentleman. We danced all evening to Harry James, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey. At intervals, especially after high energy dances like the jitterbug, the soldier brought coca colas to me for refreshment.

On the sidelines, an army recruiter I’d dated a time or two, watched. As the night wore on and people, one after another left, my soldier and I became the last couple on the dance floor. I was ready to leave with him when the recruiter told my female friend that the soldier I was with, had been spiking my colas all evening and to not let me leave with him. She convinced me to go home with her as we had planned. Looking back, I’m pretty sure the recruiter saved me from a bad experience.

Sometimes I wonder how most youngsters make it in the world. I had other experiences which turned out okay but could have gone in a different direction. Today I want to honor and express my gratitude for the guardian angels/saviors in my life. I believe we all have them, whether we realize it or not, and, also,we ARE them, or can be.

Maybe one thing I can do the rest of my life to make it worthwhile is to feel responsible and care for all of God’s creatures, when the universe asks me to, even when it’s inconvenient.



7 thoughts on “Guardian Angels

  1. Doesn’t it make you curious as to what the “master plan” is, why our lives are guided and shaped as they are? Why at some points in our lives we have had defining moments, and if we had made different choices at those points things would have turned out so differently. The complexity of it all.
    It makes it hard for me to believe it’s all accidental.

  2. I envy you those days of dancing and jitterbugging to some truly great music. Yes, you definitely had a guardian angel that night. I can think of many times circumstances changed to save me from something unpleasant. Very nice post,

  3. A beautiful portrait of bygone years: I felt I was watching a beautiful 1940s movie, with a nice story. Thank you, Mary, for sharing. I owe it to my mum for not marrying the wrong man. I’ve told her many times she was my guardian angel.

  4. I’m glad my story gave you some pleasure. When I look back, that time in my life seems almost unreal. It was such a long time ago, and life is so different now. Best wishes and warm thoughts to you and your mum.

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