English: Live Christmas Music at the Americana...
English: Live Christmas Music at the Americana in Glendale, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy holidays to my fellow bloggers and other friends who stop by.  I wish you peace and many blessings now and always.

One thought on “Greetings

  1. Good Morning My Friend… I know exactly how you feel today…broken hearted, sad. lost in memories of the past. Longing to have your life back the way you planned it to be…There are so many of us who are missing our loved ones today and feel alone in the world. But you are not alone… Sending you a warm smile.. a big (((HUG))) and wishes for a beautiful day, because the day is all we truly have and time is too precious…too short to waste even a moment of it in regret or pain. Find the joy in the day…you deserve that…don’t let the past rob you of the moments that you are still sharing with those who ARE here. Me included. 🙂 Though we may be miles apart…you have begun to live in my heart. Merry Christmas Mary! May the new year be filled with miracles and dreams coming true! Always, Darlene

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