"I have been more outrageous and more alone and more courageous than the world has known. Passerby, my heart is like your own."

Thank You and Best Wishes

Just want to wish everyone a healthy and happy new year.  May 2013 bring peace and safety to all parts of the world.  Thank you, my blogging friends, for your interest and support in me and my imperfect blog.  I’m amazed by the warmth and caring I’ve found here.  I can’t tell you how I’ve benefited from knowing you.  I hope to have more to give to you in 2013. Love and hugs. XO  Mary


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7 thoughts on “Thank You and Best Wishes

  1. Mary, I wish you to have a beautiful new year with much joy and love to keep you moving forward in to your dreams! (((HUG))) Darlene 🙂

  2. lucewriter on said:

    Mary, I hope 2013 is a joyful and successful year for you. Happy New Year!! xo

  3. And joy and peace to you, dear one. XO

  4. And to you – I wish the very same.

  5. Has your book of poetry come out yet? I checked the publisher’s website, and it looked like it had been delayed until December. Let us know when it comes out!

  6. Happy New Year, Mary. So glad to have in my life. I’m holding you in my thoughts and prayers and wishing you love, health, happiness and wondrous days of inspired writing for 2013. Bless xoxo

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