Time Out

Or as we used to say when I was young, “King’s X.”  The weight of the world’s problems is so great, my own personal  situation pales in comparison. But both keep me awake at night.

Lately it has been my home. I had to have a new dishwasher installed.  Replaced a burned out microwave. Twice. Had the washing machine fixed. The hall and laundry room floors replaced after a water heater leak, numerous trees trimmed, a new garbage disposal installed. And I need a new roof.  my insurance company will replace part of the cost of the floor and the roof. But that leaves a lot emptying my pockets.

The shootings, cages filled with live bodies, children crying for their parents, people losing their homes and possessions due to fire and floods.  the. Homeless. The hungry.  The sick.  All are so much more serious than my own personal worries.

The universe is hurting  I do what I can, which is so little  And I try to connect to the good news which I know is out there.  It’s GOT to get better!


What? Again? Already?

Another mass shooting. This time in Dayton Ohio. 9 killed, 26 wounded. What is happening?  Will this be the time that Congress and Trump will be moved to DO something?  Or will the NRA win the day once again?  The country is grieving.   Many are fearful. No place in the USA is safe anymore.

All Too Familiar

Another shooting!  this time in El Paso, Texas. The third in a week’s time.  20 people killed, 26 injured.   Another hate crime

When will the government DO something?  The gun lobbyists own the Republican party and Mitch McConnel won’t allow any gun reform bills to move through the Senate. It’s depressing.

Each time this happens, Trump offers his prayers and condolences. Is that all he has?  DO something!  YOU have the power. For starters, stop spewing your hateful rhetoric, your messages of hate.  You are a piece of work. In my 92 years, I’ve never seen anything like you.

Yes, tonight I pray for the dead, the wounded, their families, for El Paso and for our country.  That’s all I can do for now.   That’s all I can do until I get to the ballot box.