All Too Familiar

Another shooting!  this time in El Paso, Texas. The third in a week’s time.  20 people killed, 26 injured.   Another hate crime

When will the government DO something?  The gun lobbyists own the Republican party and Mitch McConnel won’t allow any gun reform bills to move through the Senate. It’s depressing.

Each time this happens, Trump offers his prayers and condolences. Is that all he has?  DO something!  YOU have the power. For starters, stop spewing your hateful rhetoric, your messages of hate.  You are a piece of work. In my 92 years, I’ve never seen anything like you.

Yes, tonight I pray for the dead, the wounded, their families, for El Paso and for our country.  That’s all I can do for now.   That’s all I can do until I get to the ballot box.


3 thoughts on “All Too Familiar

    1. Betty! Thank you for your response to my post. I think we have a depressed country right now. The friends I talk with are just as disheartened as I am about what is happening to our country. It’s depressing and frightening.
      I’m so happy to hear from you. I think of you often too. .My niece and her husband are looking for a home in Washington. She loves the ocean just as I do.

      1. Mary, I’m glad to hear back from you! And I agree, everyone I know is depressed and frightened about where our country has been heading. I never ever imagined I’d be afraid of our own government.
        Let me know where your niece ends up. We’re in southwest Washington now…. couldn’t afford the Seattle any longer. We really like it here – and it’s closer to the ocean! Please keep in touch.

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